Every building requires electrical and mechanical systems for lighting, power distribution, telephones, security, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing – all of which breathe life into a building. While electrical and mechanical systems exist separately, they depend on each other for efficient and smooth operation. That’s why with SRC you get the best of both worlds – electrical and mechanical engineers working together. And with nearly 4,000 major projects under our belt, including shopping malls, restaurants, recreation, medical, industrial, and residential buildings, you know we have experience on our side. That means you receive faster, more efficient, and comprehensive service.

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Our energy modelling services can help create a high-performance building at a lower cost that optimizes energy consumption. We can guide you through complex governmental programs to ensure the best value. Energy analysis started early in the project lifecycle allows for greater investment optimization.

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Along with CAD, our engineers can create detailed precise 3D models.

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